Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Acure Organics - Body Lotion

Acure Body Lotion

Acure Organics body lotion - the beauty puff
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The Product

Acure is an organic skincare line that features natural ingredients you can feel good about using.  Even with the cold winter behind us I still find the need for lotion.  This is the first year in a long time I have constantly been reaching for lotion for my hands because they really got the worst of it.  Even now as we are well into spring, the sensitive skin between my fingers is still painfully dry and cracked.  Lovely visual, I know.  Luckily I have found some incredibly nourishing, organic products with skin-loving ingredients.  These lotions feature olive oil, cocoa butter, and argan oil, just to name a few.

The Function

I usually gravitate toward sweet smelling body products.  But this time of year with all the bugs out, that's definitely not a good idea!  That is where the ultra-hydrating body lotion by Acure comes in SO handy!  Not only is it incredibly nourishing to my dry skin, it is also unscented so I don't have to worry about when or where I use it.  It doesn't conflict with any body splash or other scent I may be wearing and it won't attract unwelcome bugs when I'm outside!  This lotion is also gentle enough to be used on my legs after I shave.  I always put on lotion to soothe my legs after my shower but scented lotions have a tendency to sting.  This lotion feels amazing and does not irritate my skin at all.  

The calming body lotion by Acure smells of lavender and just as the name implies, it is an extremely calming scent.  I use this lotion every night before bed to keep my skin hydrated.  It has become part of my routine and I absolutely love the scent and formulation of this lotion.  I can feel it thoroughly absorb into my skin without it feeling heavy or greasy.  Even though it is scented I have not experienced any stinging or irritation.  This is definitely a sensitive skin approved lotion in my case!

The Style

These products not only work incredibly well but I love the Acure Organics packaging as well.  It is clean and simple with an attractive design that looks really pretty out on a vanity or dresser.  I also like that they are in squeeze tubes rather than pumps because they won't get that build-up of dried product that pump lotions always have.

The Bottom Line

Overall I am really enjoying these two lotions by Acure Organics.  Having to remember to put on lotion can be a pain but when you have such beautiful, effective products it can be a lot more enjoyable!  I'm glad to have found products that work well but are still gentle on my sensitive skin.  I have several other products I will be featuring by Acure, so stay tuned for more from this brand!

The Beauty Puff

*Disclaimer - These products were sent to The Beauty Puff for review.

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