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The Wonder Cloth

The Wonder Cloth

the wonder cloth - the beauty puff

The Product

The Wonder Cloth is a cloth made of cotton and rayon that can be used with just water to remove makeup.  It is machine washable and can last as long as a typical wash cloth.  It is a budget-friendly alternative to makeup wipes and is suitable for sensitive skin.  It can be found online or at retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, which is where I purchased mine.  (with 20% off coupon)

The Function

How I use this product - At the end of the day I saturate this cloth in warm water and wipe off my makeup as I would with a makeup removal wipe.  I rinse product out a couple times during use and after I am done using it.  I let it dry thoroughly between each use and throw it in the wash as often as I can.  This may be where an extra one would come in handy!

This cloth does an amazing job of removing makeup, exfoliating, and leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean.  I have had no problem with makeup coming right off while using this cloth.  However, if I am wearing waterproof mascara, I find an additional product can be helpful.  For this, I love Almay eye makeup removal pads.

almay eye makeup remover pads - the beauty puff

I am always surprised how clean my skin feels after using The Wonder Cloth.  There is also no residue, as no soap is required.  The soft fibers really deep clean and get every last bit of dirt and makeup.  How can I tell?  To test how much, if any, makeup or dirt is left on my face I followed up with witch hazel (my toner of choice) and saw absolutely nothing on the cotton pad.  Amazing!

For some reason I am always worried about running out of makeup removal clothes (for my purposes, I use baby wipes much of the time!).  I use them for my face as well as after swatching products, so they go quickly!  This is a budget-friendly alternative that alleviates that worry, provided it is clean and ready to use.  I am very tempted to get a second as a back-up so I never have to worry if the cloth is clean and dry ready for use.  

The Style

This cloth is incredibly soft and easy to hang up to dry in my bathroom.  It also washes incredibly well.  The picture you see above is after several uses and washings and there is clearly no makeup residue whatsoever.  I did find the cloth to be softer after the first wash and it has held up very well.  I notice no "wear and tear" and I did put it in the dryer in case you wondered.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to save money on makeup wipes and want a one-step facial cleanser/exfoliator, I highly recommend this product.  Do I think it completely replaces cleansing wipes?  Not if you are traveling.  I would still recommend pre-moistened wipes for travel, unless it is just a weekend trip where you will only use the cloth a few times.  Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and will continue to use it while saving money on makeup removal products!  Happy shopping!

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