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LuxePineapple Laura Geller Box of Joy

LuxePineapple Box of Joy

luxepineapple - the beauty puff

How much do I LOVE this beauty box.  Let me count the ways... When I saw Laura Geller was being featured again by LuxePineapple, my excitement went through the roof.  Talk about a box of pure joy.  Feast your eyes on the loveliness that is LuxePineapple.

LuxePineapple Laura Geller Box of Joy - the beauty puff

This box was only $30!  Items included:

Laura Geller I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner in Aquamarine (full size)
Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting in Honey Glow (full size)
Laura Geller Baked ImPRESSions Eyeshadow Duo in Vino Cotto (full size)
Bourjois Natural Fiber Smudge Brush
Bourjois Natural Fiber Liner Brush

I have no words.  These items are even more beautiful than I expected.  And the quality?  Absolutely amazing.  I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here are the swatches!

The aquamarine eyeliner is incredibly pigmented and long-lasting.  It will not budge from my hand without intense scrubbing!  The color is stunning.  I do not have any eyeliner in this shade so I am excited to find unique ways to use it!  Also, it is my favorite style of eyeliner and requires no sharpening!

The Baked Body Frosting in Honey glow is a light bronze that is perfect for a subtle, all over glow just as the name implies.  It is a versatile product that I personally will be using as a bronzer.  There is no glitter or unnatural sparkle.  As with other Laura Geller products it is smooth, pigmented, and will last a very long time!  The Beauty Puff approves!!

The Vino Cotto eyeshadow duo is smooth and luxurious.  I received the Fine Wines duo in my last Box of Joy and am absolutely loving it.  I love the versatility of these shadows.  You can build them for more intense color or blend them for a sweet, natural look.  This duo features a lovely lilac and a vibrant lavender.

I was thrilled this box included two brushes as well.  I am always looking for unique brushes for my collection and these two will make wonderful additions!  The smudge brush will be perfect for blending between colors or crease work and the liner brush will be ideal for precise liner application.

Another home run from LuxePineapple with this Laura Geller Box of Joy!  Keep in mind you can get these boxes whenever you see one you like!  All you have to do is sign up for emails and you will be notified the moment a new box becomes available.  Read full details in my last LuxePineapple post! 

Want even more savings from LuxePineapple?  Click here for $10 off your first $25 purchase!

What beauty boxes do you love?  Leave a comment below!

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