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Love Your Locks Series - Hair Serum

Love Your Locks - Hair Serum

healthy sexy hair garnier fructis hair serum - the beauty puff

I think of hair serum for my hair the way I think of primer for my face.  Sound strange?  Maybe.  But no matter how I wear my hair, straight or wavy, a serum is a must.  Serums help prep, smooth and nourish the hair with beneficial ingredients.  And in some cases, it can be a time-saver too!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Oil

I was introduced to this product through Ipsy quite a while ago.  I remember watching reviews and people saying it helped shorten their blow drying routine and protected their hair at the same time.  A beneficial time-saver?  Music to my ears.  I used up every last drop of the deluxe sample in my Ipsy bag and got three bottles at Ulta with their buy two get one free sale + $3.50 coupon.  (We all saw that one coming right?)  I have been using this serum for such a long time I do not even remember when I purchased it.  Also, it seems they have changed the packaging as well.  Keep in mind I rotate between this and the Garnier serum, but they are both far from empty.

I use about a nickel size of this serum.  Not a dime, not a quarter... a nickel is just right!  If I ever applied too much of this serum the first place I noticed is around my face along my hairline.  My hair would be weighed down and look very oily.  Live and learn.  I now have the precise amount to keep my lengthy locks (almost halfway down my back) nourished but by no means greasy!  And I know you are wondering... yes, it helps speed up styling time with a blow dryer!  When I am done styling my hair I am left with smooth, nourished, and frizz-free hair.  I love this product and will continue to purchase it - that is, if they do not discontinue it by the time I finally finish my last bottle!

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil Treatment

If you are looking for something at a drugstore price point that is phenomenal for your hair and saves you money, this is your serum.  I cannot say enough good things about this product.  It is reasonable (even more so with a coupon), easy to find (I find it at Walmart), lasts a long time, and makes my hair look and feel incredible.  I do not have to be as careful with the amount I use with this serum, but you do not want to overload your hair by any means.  I use between a nickel and a quarter size amount and that seems to work just fine.

Unlike the Healthy Sexy Hair treatment, this does not help with decreasing blow drying time.  That has never stopped me from using it though!  There are some days where I do not go anywhere but still put this serum in my hair and let it air dry.  And I am shocked when my hair is not only free of frizz, but not half bad looking either!  My hair comes from a land of wandering waves that have a mind of their own.  This Garnier serum helps tame my wild locks whether I straighten with a blow dryer and round brush or use a diffuser for a wavy look.  There are usually Garnier coupons in Sunday papers and online as well.  So keep an eye out and clip those coupons, beauty lovers, this one is a steal!

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