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DIY Beauty - Hair Ties

DIY Hair Ties

diy hair ties - the beauty puff

How many hair ties do you go through in a year?  Too many to count?  If your hair ties seem to be disappearing faster than you can replace them, The Beauty Puff is here with a solution that's not only helpful, but fun as well!  After my long hair got caught, tangled, and knotted in typical hair ties just a few too many times, I knew I had to make a change.  And I love DIY projects, especially when they save me money in the long run!  

So how do you go about making your own hair ties?  What should they be made of?  Fold over elastic has been a popular option for quite a while now.  This style is also more gentle on hair and less prone to tangles.  You can purchase these hair ties in sets for much more than you'd pay by making them on your own.  If you search "fold over elastic" online there are several options for you to choose from.  My favorite place to shop for fold over elastic is Etsy!  You can purchase it by the yard and have your choice of colors!  I purchased mine for less than $.40 a yard!  Divide that out by the number of hair ties you make per yard, it's a real steal!

Now, on with the "how to."  The beauty of making your own hair ties is that you get to customize the size depending on your hair's thickness and length.  So the size I make mine is just an example.  Find what works best for you!  I personally cut 8" pieces of the elastic for my hair ties.  They do eventually stretch out but I find this gives a good length to hold my hair up (wrapping around twice usually).  Simply cut the elastic to the length suitable for your hair and tie a knot at the end.  It's that simple!  I do not have a problem with the edges of the elastic fraying at all.  These hair ties last quite a while.  They do get stretched out but are usable far longer than store bought hair ties.  If they get too worn looking you can just make a new batch!  You can customize your colors each season, for practically any outfit.  Or, find neutral shades to blend with your hair color.  You can decide, that's the beauty of it.

I hope you enjoyed this first DIY post!

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