Monday, April 13, 2015

Current Nighttime Favorites

Nighttime Favorites

nighttime favorites - the beauty puff

Garnier Sleeping Cream

This cream is a relatively new favorite of mine.  It is incredibly thick, nourishing and makes my skin look and feel amazing.  If you would like to read my thorough review, click here!

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm

This eye balm came in the most recent NewBeauty TestTube.  It was a surprise to me, as not everyone received this in their TestTube.  The balm itself is very luxurious and moisturizing.  It literally feels like butter.  It feels as though it is melting as soon as you touch it and glides over the skin without tugging.  That is very important when you are dealing with the sensitive eye area.  It does not take much of this balm to cover under the eyes so it will definitely last a long time!  

Burts Bees Lotion

This winter was particularly harsh on my skin.  My hands normally do not get visibly dry, but this year I needed a lotion that would not sting or hurt my sensitive skin.  The lotion is thick and nourishing but absorbs very well without leaving your hands feeling greasy.  It has a sweet scent that isn't overpowering.  It is actually quite calming at the end of the day.  Once this tube is empty I would be interested in trying another lotion from Burts Bees for the warmer months.

EOS Lip Balm- Sweet Mint

These lip balms are not only nice to look at but work incredibly well.  As soon as I put one on my lips instantly feel smooth and hydrated.  I particularly love the Sweet Mint balm for right before bed.  After brushing my teeth I do not care for a fruity scent/flavor lip balm.  The mint feels and smells refreshing and does not conflict with minty toothpaste.  It feels cool and nourishing at the same time.  That may sound strange, but once you try it, you will know what I mean!

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