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Love Your Locks Series - Volume

Love Your Locks - Volume

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With the coldest days of the year behind us, it is time to breathe new life into our hair routine.  Whether you focus on products that help reduce frizz, hold a curl or pump up the volume, The Beauty Puff has some great products for you to try!  In today's first installment of the Love Your Locks Series, we will focus on volume.

This Nick Chavez shampoo was a deluxe sample included in the Milly Game Face Bag from  I am always excited to try new shampoos.  I find switching my shampoo on a regular basis helps prevent build-up and keeps my hair from falling flat.  My hair is long and thick so I need all the help I can get!  This shampoo by Nick Chavez was just what I needed after a long winter of limp, lifeless hair.  

I recently used a shampoo that had such a bad reaction with my scalp that it became quite itchy and my hair even began shedding much more than usual.  At first use of this Nick Chavez shampoo, any residue left over from the previous shampoo was gone and I finally had relief.  It left my hair feeling refreshed, thoroughly cleansed without stripping it, and gave it the volume I was looking for all winter long.  I also found that my second day hair still had its "bounce" and felt great.  I did not find the need for additional styling products to help enhance volume, which saved time during my morning routine.  The Beauty Puff loves time-saving products!

Dry shampoo is another great time-saving product that can give your hair extra freshness or volume whenever you need it.  I personally use dry shampoo every other day, on the days I do not wash my hair.  I look for a dry shampoo that sprays evenly, has a nice scent, does not build up in my hair and is priced right because I go through a lot of it!

This Oscar Blandi dry shampoo was featured in this month's Boxycharm.  There were other hair products that could have been included but as someone who uses dry shampoo all the time, I really hoped for this product!  I find that some dry shampoos do not have a well designed spray nozzle.  Luckily that was not the case with this dry shampoo.  The spray was even and dispersed product in a light mist without getting too much in one targeted area.  It did not create any sort of residue in my hair or weigh it down which is one of the main things I look for in a dry shampoo.  The smell is also very nice - a light citrus scent.  At first it reminded me of a lemon scented cleaner (not in a bad way).  It is not an overwhelming smell and it does not linger throughout the day which is a plus!  This dry shampoo is quite a bit more expensive than the Batiste dry shampoo I use all the time.  Due to the rate I use dry shampoo and the amount I would go through, I honestly do not think I would purchase the full size of this product.  I will however enjoy what I received in this month's Boxycharm and look forward to any further dry shampoos they include!

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Stay tuned for future posts in The Beauty Puff's Love Your Locks Series!

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