Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It Brushes For Ulta - Angled Shadow Crease Brush

Angled Shadow Crease Brush #117

it brushes for ulta angled shadow crease brush - the beauty puff

At first glance you may wonder why this brush would be a necessity in your collection.  Can it blend like the Blending Crease Brush? Yes.  Can it apply a concentrated amount of shadow like the Precision Shadow Brush? You bet.  Can you sweep color over the entire lid like the All Over Shadow Brush?  Absolutely.  It is for those reasons you will love this all-in-one, uniquely cut brush.

it brushes for ulta angled shadow crease brush tarte - the beauty puff

The Beauty Puff's favorite way to use this brush is applying a concentrated amount of color in the outer corner and softly blending it inwards for a diffused look.  It is just the right size to fit in the outer corner and crease area for targeted shadow application.  This brush will pick up just the right amount of product with the ability to build intensity because it is firmer than a typical crease brush.  Not to worry though, like all the other brushes in the Airbrush Essentials Collection, it is incredibly soft!

The Airbrush Essentials line of It Brushes for Ulta is filled with high-quality, soft, multi-purpose brushes for every makeup enthusiast.  Stay tuned for more from this line in The Beauty Puff's Brush Series!

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