Saturday, March 14, 2015

Puff Fluff - Beauty Tip for Sheer Nail Polish

Beauty Tip

There have been numerous times where I have bought a light nail polish and wished it applied as beautifully as it appeared in the bottle.  Sure, it offered a subtle, natural sheen to the nails, but it often went unused when given more colorful, opaque options.  So what can we do with these nail polishes?

Beauty tip - use sheer polishes over dark or bright polishes to transition between seasons

Spring is almost here and that means lighter, brighter colors for our nails.  But what if you are not ready to hop on the pastel bandwagon just yet?  You can use colors you have been enjoying from the winter and top them with a sheer, pearlescent polish to soften and lighten your look.  This can also work with polishes that are a bit too bright for summer to "tone down" colors.

The Beauty Puff's pick is Butter London's Hen Party.  This shade is a beautiful pearlescent opal that can be worn alone but is perfect for transforming your existing nail polishes.  You can try this with shades currently in your nail polish collection to get more wear out of them.  Think of it as having a basic in your wardrobe that can transition between seasons!  So shop your stash, experiment with new combinations, and transition into spring with a fresh manicure!

The Beauty Puff

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