Thursday, February 19, 2015

Puff Fluff - Beauty Tip ft. Mistura Beauty

Mistura Beauty Complexion Corrector

boxycharm mistura complexion stick - the beauty puff

Save the day!  Or at least your makeup.

We've all been there.  We track our orders every hour, wait for the mailman with endless anticipation, and run to the mailbox in our pajamas, if necessary.. all for our beloved Boxycharm.  No implement seems to work fast enough to cut through that magical tape to reveal our monthly beauty surprise.  

But then, our heart sinks.  A damaged item.  Do we stomp up and down demanding an instant fix for our horrific misfortune?  Do we cry in despair because our world has come crashing down for a slight blemish or malfunction?  No, dear Charmers.  We do anything to save our makeup!

In this case, Feburary's Boxycharm featured a complexion corrector I was very excited to receive.  But woe is me, mine came broken.  There was no stomping of the feet or cries of despair.  Just a swift, creative thought to make what seemed hopeless, suddenly usable again!

I simply took the broken concealer stick (minus packaging of course) and melted it like I would chocolate... in the microwave.  I placed it in a glass bowl and heated it 10 seconds at a time until I could easily "smoosh" it (yes, technical terms here!).  I then placed it into an empty container I had (in this case, thank you Bare Minerals) and "smooshed" it like there was no tomorrow until it was packed in there nicely.  I cleaned the edges with a damp Q-tip and added a drop of alcohol to smooth the top.  And VUALA!  Instant concealer pot and my Boxycharm woes are over.

I hope you have learned a valuable lesson.  Until next time, Charmers!

The Beauty Puff

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