Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pretty Penny Series - Eye Primer

Pretty Penny - Eye Primers

I'll take any opportunity I can to find a dupe or cheaper alternative in the beauty world.  But sometimes it may not be worth it.  In this new series, Pretty Penny, The Beauty Puff will look at products and ways to save you money with affordable products, cheaper alternatives and beauty deals.  In today's Pretty Penny, we'll be looking at eye primers.

Jane Eye Primer - the beauty puff

Eye primer is an absolute must for me.  I've tried many different brands over the years, both budget friendly and high end. I always rely on it to help my shadows last and look just as beautiful as when they were first applied.  One of my current favorites is by Jane Cosmetics.  This primer has a very similar consistency to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which was a long time favorite of mine.  Jane Cosmetics eye primer is .20 oz for $8 and Too Faced Shadow Insurance is .35 oz for $20.  I purchased my Jane eye primer at Ulta (they've since stopped carrying it on their site) but you can find it on Amazon, the Jane website and it is also listed on the Kohl's site.  I'm hoping Ulta carries this primer again because when I got mine, it was 2 for $10!  Add in their coupon for $3.50 off $10 and you've got an incredible deal!  

thebalm put a lid on it eye primer - the beauty puff

Another primer I've used is Put A Lid On It by theBalm.  This primer is .4 oz priced at $18.  Considering the price per ounce, this primer is definitely a good deal for the money!  I bought mine when it was on Hautelook at a discounted price (add in shipping costs, though, and the deal isn't as good as it could be!).  I have mixed feelings about this one.  My shadows with shimmer seem to lose intensity over the course of the day whenever I wear this primer - with theBalm shadows as well.  It seems to work better on my eyelids if I use it with matte shadows for some reason.  All in all, if given the choice, I would choose either the Jane or Too Faced primer before I picked this one up again.

Final Thoughts

If you're like me and primer is part of your everyday makeup routine, you'll want something that will work well and not break the bank.  If you can easily get your hands on the Jane primer, I would definitely recommend purchasing it.  If you love the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but not the price, wait until Ulta has their 21 Days of Beauty and get it at a discount.  In the past I believe I've gotten it for $9 or $10 during that sale!  I will continue to try primers and update with any further findings!  What is your favorite primer?  If you have any recommendations or deals to share, please comment below!  As always, happy shopping!

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