Monday, February 23, 2015

Physicians Formula Matte Collection - Quartz Quartet

Physicians Formula Quartz Quartet

The Product

Physicians Formula is constantly coming out with new and beautiful products that lure in beauty lovers with their glitzy packaging and sometimes overzealous oversprays.  These products tend to outshine some of the real gems of the Physicians Formula line.  Quartz Quartet, for example, is one of three matte quads available.  They also make Canyon Classics and Classic Nudes.  Quartz Quartet features colors that are harder to find (at least in my collection) so that is what we'll look at today.

The Function

These matte shadows are smooth, blendable and very pigmented.  It was not difficult at all to achieve the pigmentation you see below!  Whether you use this palette on its own or along with shimmery shadows to achieve a balanced look, it's definitely a versatile and unique addition to any makeup collection.

The Style

This palette may not have all the glitz and glamour that other palettes do, but it is simple, clean and sleek.  The shadows are great sizes and the compact itself is sturdy and easy to fit in a makeup bag.  It does feature a mirror, but it is so small that I don't think it is a huge selling point.  At first glance this palette may not look too exciting... but it's what's on the inside that counts.

The Bottom Line

I'm extremely pleased with this purchase, especially since it was 40% off on!    This is the first of the Physicians Formula matte quads I have tried and I would definitely purchase another in the future.  If you follow The Beauty Puff on Instagram you will see the other Physicians Formula products that will follow in this week's reviews!  This quad pairs perfectly with one of the newest Shimmer Strips palettes that will be featured tomorrow!  Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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