Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Physicians Formula Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner - Nude Eyes

physicians formula extreme shimmer nude palette packaging - the beauty puff

The Product

If you've ever seen a display of Physicians Formula's new products, you know how eye-catching they can be.  This palette is no exception!  The Extreme Shimmer Shadows come in two color combinations - Nude (pictured above) and Smokey.  You'll soon find out, if there is a choice between nude/peach tones and a silver/gray color combination.. The Beauty Puff will almost always choose nude!

physicians formula extreme shimmer nude palette swatches - the beauty puff

The Function

These shadows are beautiful.  There's no doubt about that.  The lighter shades took some building to get the intensity you see above, however.  The two darkest shades on the other hand, took almost no effort.  As you might expect, the glitter does produce fallout.  Knowing this, I did my eyes first and followed with my foundation routine and had no issue with glitter on my face throughout the day.  The color did not fade and I still saw the same intensity of shimmer as I did when first applied.  I personally would not choose to use these as liners because of their formulation/intense glitter.  Not to worry, you'll see the BEST liners in The Beauty Puff's next review!

physicians formula extreme shimmer nude palette - the beauty puff

The Style

This palette is glam all the way.  And I never use that word, so you know I mean it.  When this palette is in the sunlight, you'll be mesmerized!  There is no mirror but that's almost better for this palette in particular because it would probably be covered in glitter every time you looked at it.  The sponge applicator has a glitter handle - adorable.  I'll keep it, but I personally don't use sponge applicators.  My main "complaint" if you can call it that, is that I do wish they made all the shadows the same size in these palettes.  My favorite is the pink shade and that unfortunately, is the smallest.  Woe is me.

The Bottom Line

I'm definitely looking forward to using these shadows in the Spring/Summer when the sun is out.  It won't be an "everyday" look necessarily, but I do not shy away from shimmery shadows!  All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase.  It was 40% off on drugstore.com just like the previous post!  Whenever you're not sure of a product, finding it on sale is a great way to try it out!  Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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